How to get the most out of your GE Top-Load High-efficiency washer?

So, you finally upgraded your old machine for a fancy new high-efficiency top-loader. Now what? How do get the most from your new washer? We’ve put together a quick guide to help.

Guidelines for Use of GE Washers

• Read the Manual. Familiarize your self with your manual. Not only does it cover, basic operational use. You can get the most from your machines by learning its features. Lost your manual? No Problem. Download it Here.

• Level Your Washer. Your washer has adjustable leveling legs, Ensure the washer is leveled by adjusting legs if needed. This avoids the need to place on bricks, wood etc.

• Use both inlet hose. Connect both inlet hoses. Ensure the drain hose is in a vertical drain pipe 36″ minimum in height.

• Use a Voltage Protector. Protect your washer and warranty by using a voltage protector.

• Use HE (High-Efficiency) Detergents Only. Use recommended amounts of ‘he’ detergents ONLY.

High Efficiency washers are designed to save on electricity and water; thus SAVING YOU MONEY. The use of ‘he’ detergent is very IMPORTANT as the machine use less water.

The washer DOES NOT WASTE WATER by ONLY filling as much as is needed; unlike the older less efficient washes. Because of unreliable water supply in some areas, we suggest using PRECISE FILL or DEEP FILL based on which model you own.

ENSURE all of the above guidelines are taken into consideration before making a service complaint. It may be a fault of the unit; it may be a bad installation or a user issue. Both are not covered by warranty and you would have to pay a $300 TTD call out fee. But if you have done this checklist and are still having issues, you can schedule a service or maintenance using our simple Service Form.